Risk Management

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has created a greater need for risk management tools. While many business are moving from employee-funded insurance plans to less costly max or level-funded plans, to save money, it is suggested that your business utilizes risk management tools like tele medical benefits and Rx concierge programs.

Tele medical benefits are a cost-effective alternative to urgent care and emergency room facilities. Almost three-fourths of the medical conditions that are most commonly diagnosed can be pinpointed night or day, 365 days a year, via phone or bi-directional video with the help of tele medical benefits. The licensed physicians that your employees can have access to can also prescribe medications that can be sent to a local pharmacy.

Rx concierge programs shop for the lowest cash price for prescriptions, which is sometimes available directly through the manufacturers. With the help of Rx concierge programs, your employees can pay a low monthly cost for prescriptions instead of pricey copays. Since this removes the cost of employees' medications from their plan, the plan performs better and your business, as the employers, pays less.


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